Regional, US and World Avalanche Accident Reports

The accidents and incidents listed here are from this season in Montana. Check the archives for previous years. A listing of all the accidents in the United States and the world can be found at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC)

Accident Date Location / Name No. of caught/buried/killed
2014-Nov-26 Henderson Mountain Avalanche Fatality 1 caught, buried, killed
2014-Mar-15 Mount Abundance Avalanche 2 triggered, 1 caught, partially buried, injured
2014-Mar-11 Crown Butte Avalanche Fatality 1 caught, buried, killed
2014-Feb-26 Chippewa Avalanche 1 caught
2014-Feb-16 Beehive Basin Avalanche 3 skiers caught, 2 partially buried, 1 injured
2014-Jan-17 Henderson Ridge Avalanche 1 triggered, another caught and buried
2014-Jan-01 Onion Basin Avalanche Fatality 2 caught, 1 fully buried and killed, 1 partially buried
2013-Feb-19 Bridger Peak Accident 1 caught, partially buried, injured
2013-Feb-09 Alex Lowe Peak Avalanche 1 caught
2012-Oct-28 Northern Bridger Range; south of Frazier Lake 3 skiers triggered, caught and partially buried; 2 injured