Photos From the Field

Road Cut Avalanche Road Cut Avalanche -Nov 26, 2014

This avalanche in the Bridger Range illustrates the avalanche danger on even the smallest slope. Photo: Bohr

Remotely triggered slide_2 Remotely triggered slide_2 -Nov 26, 2014

This avalanche was remotely triggered by a skier in the northern Bridger Range yesterday.  The crown is up to 5 feet deep! Faceted, weak snow underneath wind slabs are especially unstable. Photo: B. VandenBos

Remotely triggered slide_1 Remotely triggered slide_1 -Nov 26, 2014

This avalanche was remotely triggered by a skier yesterday in the northern Bridger Range. It's not very steep. Photo: B. VandenBos

Cooke City Snowpack Cooke City Snowpack -Nov 26, 2014

Mark dug this pit and found the bottom 10 cm to be faceted, which is the immediate stability concern.  Over 130 cm of snow is on the ground. Photo: GNFAC

Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_3 Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_3 -Nov 25, 2014
Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_2 Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_2 -Nov 25, 2014
Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_1 Tobacco Roots - Peanut Butter Bowl_1 -Nov 25, 2014

From an email:

"A party of 5 of us went touring in the Bell Lake area yesterday (Sunday, 11/23/14). We skinned up into the cirque and were working our way up to a place where we planned to dig a pit when one member of our party remotely triggered a slide that propagated around the bowl...There were two different layers that slid, the top one was about 8 inches and was primarily new snow over facets. The bottom layer was about 3 inches and was a wind slab sitting on facets right on the ground. Nobody in our party was caught in the slide."

The slide was in an area called Peanut Butter Bowl at 9,600 feet, NE aspect, and 36-37 degrees steep.

Thin Snowpack Thin Snowpack -Nov 23, 2014

The thin snowpack is weak, but not unstable in areas without wind deposits. More snow later in the week may spike the avalanche danger. Photo: GNFAC

Thin and Weak Thin and Weak -Nov 23, 2014

The snowpack around Lionhead (8,000') was only 43 cm deep.  It was faceted with the larger crystals at the ground.  I got no collapsing or cracking as I skied around. Once more snow falls I expect the snowpack to quickly become unstable.  Photo: GNFAC

Cooke City Snowpack Layering Cooke City Snowpack Layering -Nov 23, 2014

Before this storm there was a little over two feet of snow on the ground.  A layer of facets below the ice crust and newly formed surface hoar are our likely concerns in regards to weak layers.  With another foot added in the last 36 hours these layers may be unstable in areas of wind deposition. Photo: B. Fredlund