Photos From the Field

Wet Loose Avalanches Wet Loose Avalanches -Jan 27, 2015

Large wet loose avalanches above Silver Gate.  Temperatures reached 50F under sunny skies throught our advisory area. Photo: B. Fredlund

Snowmobile triggered avalanche at Lionhead Snowmobile triggered avalanche at Lionhead -Jan 25, 2015

This small avalanche was recently triggered by a snowmobiler in the Lionhead area.  Small avalanches like this are still possible although the instability is not widespread. Photo: Anon

Avalanche at Lionhead Avalanche at Lionhead -Jan 22, 2015

This avalanche appeared to have been snowmobile triggered earlier this week maybe Monday, January 19th. This slope commonly produces avalanches. It broke on weak facets at ther ground in a steep rocky area that was wind loaded. While not a large avalanche  nor a widespread problem it's a good reminder to always be prepared. Photo: GNFAC

Buried Surface Hoar Lionhead Buried Surface Hoar Lionhead -Jan 22, 2015

Buried surface hoar was found on most slopes about 8 inches deep. With such a thin slab on top, it will not produce an avalanche on most slopes, BUT 2 recently reported avalanches on this layer mean it may surprise us with a few more. Photo: GNFAC

New Snow - Hyalite Canyon 1/21/15 New Snow - Hyalite Canyon 1/21/15 -Jan 21, 2015

8-10" of low density snow has accumulated in upper elevation terrain of the northern Gallatin Range. Photo GNFAC

Wind transported snow - Hyalite 1/21/15 Wind transported snow - Hyalite 1/21/15 -Jan 21, 2015

The northern Gallatin Range received 8-10" of low density snow over the past few days. Moderate winds out of the W-NW were transporting the new snow onto leeward slopes. This type of transport was confined to upper elevation terrain and was not a problem on lower elevation slopes. Photo GNFAC

Snowpit on Baronette Snowpit on Baronette -Jan 21, 2015

Skiers dug this snowpit on Barronette and found the surface hoar to be unstable in tests. Photo: B. Fredlund

Barronette Avalanche on Surface Hoar Barronette Avalanche on Surface Hoar -Jan 21, 2015

Skiers triggered this small avalanche on the SE flank of Barronette from 30 feet away, a sign that slopes with buried surface hoar are unstable. Photo: B. Fredlund

Avalanche Center Beer Social Avalanche Center Beer Social -Jan 20, 2015

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Backcountry Begins Here! Backcountry Begins Here! -Jan 19, 2015

This photo accompanies an article Doug Chabot wrote titled, "Sidecountry: Rated R" in the January issue of Carve ( Photo: GNFAC