Hellroaring Hut Area

Sam Hansen
Centennial Range
Hellroaring Hut Area
Snow Observations

***This report was submitted by a guest from a recent hut trip***

2-13-19 0630Hrs 7700’ at hut, SW winds, mod. 14F, S2 Precip.

1300Hrs Test Pit at top of Pussyfoot, 200 degrees, slope angle 20, 7700 elevation, snowing S2, winds SW and variable and Mod, 14F: 205HS, CT 21 down 61cm; CT 23 down 75; CT 30 down 86. ECTX. We found a dense consolidated layer(k hardness) 12”++ deep, down 120CM and stopped digging there. Storm/wind slab gained energy around 1500Hrs. Many different layers in the top 60CM of the new snow, none of them particularly concerning.

On 2-14-19 0700Hrs At the hut: ,23F, and S2 for 24hrs past, with an estimated 18-24 HN24. SW winds Mod, variable at times. At 0900Hrs 31F, PP/graupel mixed, backing to S1. Barometer rising now. Snow surface had become heavy and dense. Touring out to Pussyfoot, we saw the west facing slope above the Hut around 8700’?? had a new slide with a 2-3 foot crown, possible 200 yards in length running up and over a ridge. Cloudy, foggy no photo taken. The same area where a “few more turns” happened? Wind loading and storm slabs present in areas.

Images from this Snow Observation