Snowpack on wind-loaded slope, Mt. Blackmore 9,850'

Pit from 12/22/21 at 9,850' on the NE face/shoulder of Mt. Blackmore. Snow depth was 111cm, first ECT was ECTN10 below the wind slab then ECTN22 on facets at 70cm. A second test was ECTN17 on that facet layer, then ECTP20 on depth hoar at 35cm. A third ECT was ECTP17 on the facets at 70cm, then a fourth ECT was another ECTP17.... I was moving into shallower snow as I got more unstable results, down to about 90cm HS. These weak layers are not easy to trigger or showing obvious signs of instability, but we will need to be careful when we get more snow, especially during large cumulative loading or big wind events. Photo: GNFAC

Mt Blackmore
Advisory Year
Northern Gallatin, 2021-12-22