Trip Planning for Butte Area

6384′     09-26 22:22
Wind 1 mph
Gusts 3 mph
7180′     09/26 at 21:00
-1″ Depth
7889′     09-26 22:22
Wind 1 mph
Gusts 3 mph
7,800′   09/26 at 21:00
0″ Depth

Snow Observations-Butte Area

Northern Gallatin
Emigrant Peak
Emigrant peak observations
Snow Obsdrvation includes images

Triggered a small slide underneath the cornice of the southeast chute off of Emigrant peak. The slide was 50 ft wide,  4 inches deep, and ran for about 100 ft. The slide was not large enough to knock you off your feet (D1). The latest storm had deposited about 12 inches of new snow underneath the cornice. 

other older slides were visible on a wind loaded NW oriented slopes at the bottom of the basin. Still feels like winter out there with lots of light snow up high!

Full Snow Observation Report

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