Trip Planning for Butte Area

6384′     02-03 02:22
Wind 0 mph
Gusts 1 mph
7180′     02/03 at 03:00
27″ Depth
7889′     02-03 02:22
Wind 3 mph
Gusts 13 mph
7800′     02/03 at 02:00
51″ Depth

Snow Observations-Butte Area

W. Shoutis
Butte Area
Flint Creek Range
natural avalanche McDermott Hill in the Flint Range
Snow Obsdrvation includes images

Natural avalanche from the top of the popular snowmobile climbing spots on McDermott Hill in the Flint Range near Philipsburg.  There have been several close calls and a fatality in this same path.  It is named for the person who was killed in an avalanche there in the 70s.  It appeared to be a wind load on the ridge that initiated the slide.  In the background of a janky video, it appears there were other naturals as well.  The slide ran an estimated 800 ft, but no other information was obtained.

Full Snow Observation Report
W. Shoutis
Butte Area
snowmobile triggered avalanche Frog Pond Basin

Snowmobile club members texted me that they triggered a 3' deep slab, that ran 100 yds., from connected terrain in Frog Pond Basin.  It sounded like a heavily wind loaded slope.     

Full Snow Observation Report

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  • Many slick roofs shed this winter's snow with the above-freezing temperatures. There are some impressive fracture lines at the ice rink in Bogert Park in Bozeman. Photo: GNFAC

Videos of Snow Conditions in the Butte area