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Since Sunday evening, 6 inches to a little over 1 ft of snow has accumulated across Southwest Montana (photo and weather log). Snowfall will taper off today as the storm system moves to our east. There may be a few more snow showers on Wednesday and Thursday before warmer and dryer conditions return for the following week.  

For current weather data check SNOTEL sites throughout our advisory area and our weather log which will be updated throughout the fall. The GNFAC will be installing our weather stations as conditions allow in the coming weeks.

Spring weather can be highly variable and create a mix of avalanche problems to watch for. Snow conditions and snow stability can change drastically from day to day or hour to hour. Anticipate rapid change and plan accordingly. Plenty of snowfall over the winter with more spring snow to come makes avalanches possible into summer.

This morning temperatures are 40s-50s F, wind is west-southwest at 15 mph with gusts of 20-30 mph and skies are partly cloudy. Today will be mostly sunny with temperatures reaching mid-60s F with west wind at 15-30 mph. Tomorrow will be ten degrees cooler with sunny skies turning to rain late afternoon.

On Sunday morning there is a chance for snow with temperatures dropping to low 30s to 40s F, and wind shifting to the north at 15-20 mph. Next week will start cloudy with light snow or rain, and temperatures in the high 20s to low 40s F. Minimal snow accumulation is expected until next weekend. The most will be on Sunday morning with possibly 1-2” south of Bozeman and 2-5” near Cooke City.

Since Saturday evening the mountains got 14-16” of snow near Cooke City and the southern Madison Range, 10-12” in the Bridger Range, 9” near Big Sky and 4-5” in Hyalite and West Yellowstone. Wind has been west-southwest at 10-20 mph with gusts of 20-35 mph. This morning temperatures are mid-20s to low 30s F.  A few more hours of precipitation today will deliver 1” of snow near Bozeman and Big Sky with 2-4” near Cooke City by tonight.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, temperatures will reach low 40s F under clear skies with wind shifting to the north at 5-10 mph. On Thursday and Friday, temperatures will reach highs in the 50s with overnight lows in the 30s and 40s F. Next weekend will remain warm and sunny before another round of colder temperatures and possible snow to start next week.

Last night the Bridger and Northern Gallatin Ranges received 2” of new snow with 1” near Big Sky and Cooke City, and nothing closer to West Yellowstone. Temperatures are in the teens to low-20s F and the wind is 5-15 mph from all over the map (east in the Bridger Range, west around Big Sky, and south in Cooke City). Several pulses of precipitation will move through the area this weekend with the highest amounts Saturday night and Sunday night. By Monday morning we will see 7-8” total in Cooke City, 3-5” around West Yellowstone, and 3-4” near Big Sky and Bozeman. The precipitation type will vary by elevation and time of day, both rain and snow are likely this weekend. High temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s F and the wind will be light and shift to the west and the south before increasing on Sunday to 10-25 mph from the southwest.

Last night the Bridger Range received 7” of new snow, near Cooke City got 2”, Hyalite and Big Sky got 1” and near West Yellowstone got zero. This morning temperatures are teens F, except near West Yellowstone where temperatures are high 20s F. In the Bridger Range wind is easterly at 20-25 mph with gusts to 40 mph, and elsewhere wind is northerly at 5-10 mph. Today, temperatures will be teens to mid-20s F with wind out of the north-northeast at 5-15 mph. Continued snow showers will deliver 1-3” by this evening. Tomorrow, under clearing skies, temperatures will be teens to 20s F with light northerly wind. During the middle of the week, clear skies will accompany temperatures in the 30s to low 40s F with light to moderate east wind. The next chance for snow is late Thursday through the weekend

A trace to a few inches of new snow fell in the mountains this week. Skies have been generally cloudy, high temperatures have remained below freezing and winds have been moderate and easterly. Skies will clear today after a few lingering snow showers this morning. Saturday will be sunny with clouds increasing again on Sunday. High temperatures will be slightly above freezing. Winds will shift to the west on Saturday and remain moderate. There is a good chance for snow Sunday night into Monday. Precipitation may start as rain at lower elevations on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday through Monday morning, 1-2” of new snow fell across the advisory area and the week is starting with temperatures in the single digits to mid-teens F with 5-10 mph winds from the north. Cooler air is settling into the region for the week, with mountain temperatures reaching the 20s to 30 F during the daytime with light east to northeast winds that will increase mid-week. Periods of light snow will move through the area, but at this time, we are not expecting any significant accumulation. 

Last night, 5” of snow fell in Hyalite with 2-4” near Big Sky and the Bridger Range and zero elsewhere. Temperatures are single digits to low teens F (fifteen to twenty degrees colder than yesterday morning). Overnight, wind was west to northwest at 10-20 mph with gusts of 25-35 mph. Today wind will decrease to 5-15 mph as it shifts to the north and then east. Skies will be mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 20s F. Light snow showers are possible today with 1-2” near Cooke City and maybe an inch elsewhere.

This morning, there is no new snow, temperatures are upper teens to low 30s F and wind has been west-southwest at 15-25 mph with gusts of 35-45 mph. Today wind will be west-southwest at 20-35 mph and temperatures will reach mid-30s to low 40s F under mostly clear skies. Cloud cover will increase later in the day with a chance for rain this afternoon and 1-2” of snow tonight.