Avalanche Incidents

Bridger Range
Bridger Bowl
Several small skier triggered/natural slides at Bridger
Bridger Bowl
Coordinates: 45.8156, -110.9230
Caught: 0 ; Buried: 0

Several reports of small skier triggered slides at Bridger Bowl (10/29).

From instagram:

"I kicked off a small 6 inch slab on a rollover skiing down east of PK."

"Skied ptarmigan this morning, kicked off a decent sized slab rolling over deer park road cross from avy gulch."

"I got a 2 foot wind slab to crack on a test slope. There was lots of evidence of heavy wind affect. Saw a 5 inch by 20 foot slide in sluice box gully (skier triggered)."

From an email: "Skinned part way up Slushmans yesterday, saw that a chunk of cornice had fallen over the south side of the football field and took a medium-sized slab with it. The debris didn’t make it over the cliffs, but I did see debris further to the south."

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