Northern Bridgers Avalanche (2)

A skier unintentionally triggered a slab avalanche in the northern Bridgers. The group did not notice any avalanche activity on the snowmobile ride in to the zone. They dug a pit and found poor snow structure and propagation in the new snow layer in stability tests. From the email: "About halfway up my hike I heard a wumpf and started getting carried down. I was carried about 90 yards, I got fully buried for the middle 30 yards but finally surfaced and came to a stop. My two friends were on their sleds over to the side of the face and had eyes on my the whole time. We all had the proper equipment but luckily didn’t need to use it. The crown broke about 40 yards above me, looked about 3.5 ft deep, it went across the 40 yard wide couloir and continued down and around some cliffs another 20 yards." Photo: C. Histon

Bridger Range, 2019-01-26