Skier-Triggered Avalanches at the Throne (2)

Skiers reported intentionally triggering multiple avalanches failing up to a foot deep at the Throne. From the email: "We dug a pit above the top of the throne (ENE aspect, 8400’, 28°) and got an ECTP17. The pit broke below 55cm of new snow, on top of an old wind slab. Bailed on our objective (the ruler) and skied the main ESE chutes on the throne. Ski cut the top of all 3 chutes and got them all to break out 8-12” deep, 100-200’ wide and they all ran 500-700’ into the trees at the bottom of the gullies. The runout hit the trees at the bottom with enough force to snap 3” trees and piled up debris up to 5’ deep." Photo: M. Cohen

Bridger Range, 2019-02-16