faceted snow under the wind board at 9700 ft, Emigrant

From obs (12/2/21): "Climbed Emigrant Peak from the Gold Prize trailhead via the NW Ridge. As with the rest of the advisory zones, it is dry in the Absarokas. Snow still remains lower in the trees from past storms and, on the ridge, certain pockets have over two feet of wind blown snow. Yet the ridge itself as well as common ski descents to the NW and SE are both quite rocky. Poked around at about 9750 ft on the leeward side of the NW ridge and found an expected wind slab layer with faceted snow underneath it. Lower down at 9200 ft at treeline, I found a shallow snowpack with two distinct crusts near the ground. Both crusts had faceted snow above and below them." Photo: H. Darby

Emigrant Peak
Advisory Year
Out of Advisory Area, 2021-12-03