Skier triggered Avalanche in N. Bridgers observed from above

From obs 2/26/22: "We were stopped on a flat bench on top of a steep rollover... when we heard a whumpf, and then a hard wind slab released on the slope below us and ran into the trees below. We then decided to enter the avalanche at the bottom of the debris to look at the crown, where we observed that the slab was about 60cm deep at its deepest, and ran around 50 feet wide, wrapping across a small aspect change. We did two ECT tests and observed propagation on the layer during isolation in both tests... We identified a P hard wind slab overlaying a 3 cm deep layer of 1F hard facets. The layer below the avalanche interface was F hard facets. After this result, we dialed back our ski plans for the day." Photo: M. Beck

Northern Bridgers
Advisory Year
Bridger Range, 2022-02-26