Skier triggered wind slab, Republic Mountain

From email on 1/22/22: "This morning (20220122) I was ascending a steep North facing couloir up the N summit of Republic Mountain and on ascent (boot packing) about 1/2 way up the line I triggered a small soft slab from that propagated around the rock I was tucked behind, 40M above me and and 20M across. Luckily, my ascent line was sheltered from any above exposure and I was not caught or carried in anyway. The crown ranged from 8cm where I triggered it to an estimated 25cm at its deepest. The avalanche ran an estimated 200M. I believe the windslab ran on 1-3mm NSF's (evident on the bed surface) formed in the high pressure before the recent light precip."

Republic Mountain
Advisory Year
Cooke City, 2022-01-22