Rock Island Snow Obs

Snowmobiled to lower rock island lake and ascended to 9200ft. Mostly sunny skies with no wind. No avalanches observed, no collapsing, minor cracking right around skis in wind affected areas 4 inches deep. Dug on due N aspect. HS = 120-150 cm. Soft surface 4-6 inches. 1 finger hard layers with rounding facets in between with 2 layers of concern about 1 foot down and 1 foot off the ground where 4F rounded facets are sandwiched between harder layers. CT6 Q2 down 4 inches on old snow surface. CT 23 Q3 on basal facets. ECTN 6 4 inches down, ECTN 29 about 1 foot down (consistent with last weekend observation in this area). Stubborn old snowpack right now with lack of significant new snow or wind and recent warm temps. Still poor structure in areas where snowpack is thinner, however where it is deeper seems facets are healing.

West Big Hole- Beaverhead Range
Dillon Area, 2023-01-17