Large Collapse near Ross Peak

Ross Peak
Bridger Range

From email: "Went out to Ross Peak with some friends today, and we saw some alarming signs. Snowpack out there was really shallow, similar to the approach to the Throne. We got to the first major clearing at about 7500', which tops out at about 36 degrees at the steepest part. We opted to tuck back in to the trees to try to find a lower-angle route around the slope, but there wasn't really a better option. It is a really short (~50') but wide (~500') slope, and we decided it would be reasonable to cross it one at a time. I was setting the skin track and got a big collapse that scared the shit out of me. For some reason it didn't slide, but I measured a few angles and the area that collapsed was definitely at 34-36 degrees. Probably collapsed an area about 100' across. After I had a chance to clean out my long johns, we turned around and skied back down the skin track."

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