Wind slabs, cracking and dry loose avalanches Bridgers

Ross Peak
Bridger Range

From obs (4/12/20): "Toured in the middle bridgers today... There was 6-8" of new snow on top of a supportable crust on all aspects. We got some shooting cracks skinning up Texas that propagated about 10-15' wide and 6-8" deep. Also saw some natural dry loose slides on steep terrain near the ridge and up high on Ross. Lots of skier traffic in the area, with some dry loose slides, but nothing bigger than D1.

The best sight-seeing was on the main slide path on the east face of Ross. We saw 4 or 5 old growth trees in the middle of the path that had branches broken off up to 30' high, and a handful of 8" diameter trees that had been ripped out of the ground and deposited at the bottom of the path. Looked like this carnage was from this season; maybe the big cycle mid-feb? Did Ross slide big this year? I saw some pics from the Throne on the website, but nothing on Ross."

Two other groups found similar conditions at Bridger Bowl.

"Went for a short tour up Slushmans today. Light boot top powder had been blown into soft windslabs in odd locations on the upper third of the mountain. Observed some small loose dry slides in steep terrain. The snow down low was getting a little wet but the cold air seemed to be keeping it cool enough to prevent wet avalanches."

"We noted a [small] avalanche that had been (likely) human triggered just north of 3/4 Rock on A-Route. The slide ran almost all the way to the cat road in the bowl. I found variable conditions on the ridge, from about 4 inches of light density snow, to wind slab up 3ft. thick and punchy."

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