Human-triggered avalanche, Frazier basin

Frazier Basin
Bridger Range

From Obs: "My ski partner and I toured into Frazier Basin on Saturday, April 1st. We observed obvious signs of wind loading as we made our way up from Fairy Lake to the Frazier ridge. We found a crust layer a few centimeters thick that was widespread throughout the basin. The crust was not shooting cracks as we moved but hand pits showed that it was cohesive and easily breaking on the soft snow below. My ski Partner popped off a small wind slab that had enough energy to knock him off his feet. This was the only slab we found that moved after skiing three lines on different aspects. The wind slab that broke was just below a ridge in a bowl feature that probably experienced more wind loading than most other areas in the basin. We also observed an old avalanche at the end of the basin possibly from a cornice fall that ran the whole length of the slope down to the trees in the center of Frazier Basin. Overall it was not feeling like a spring snowpack and you should continue to be skeptical of multiple layers in the Bridgers."

Number of slides
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u-An unintentional release
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Wind-Drifted Snow
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Single Avalanche
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