Collapses and cracking at Lionhead

Lionhead Ridge
Lionhead Range

Rode up Denny Creek and out along Lionhead Ridge through Watkins Creek to the divide with Targhee Creek. Saw evidence of numerous older avalanches along the ridgeline and in lower steep meadows that likely broke last week (1/10-1/11). The crowns of these slides were blown in, but would estimate they generally broke 1-2 ft deep. Some broke quite wide ~1000 ft. Saw a couple smaller slides that looked to be a bit fresher as well. 

Got a number of collapses and shooting cracks as we rode today, shooting out 20+ ft. 

Stopped and dug a pit at the crown of an avalanche that broke on the north end of ski hill (likely during last weeks warning). Broke ~1 ft deep, 50 ft wide and ran 100 vertical. Another similar slide broke at the same time on the south end of ski hill. Today, we got an ECTP12 on the surface hoar about a foot deep.

The snowpack remains unstable and human triggered avalanches (including remote triggers from a distance) remain likely. Expect the danger to rise as it snows over the next couple days. 

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