Avalanches in Beehive and Middle Basin

Beehive Basin
Northern Madison

From obs: "My partner and I were traveling along the ridgeline separating Beehive and Middle Basin. 60 meters before the prayer flags on the ridge, we were stomping on the cornices. We heard a very loud whumphf and the cornice directly below me fell. This and our stomping triggered shooting cracks along the ridge and remotely triggered a cornice 30 meters ahead of us. This cornice fall triggered a hard slab avalanche that was about 15 meters wide and ran at least 100 hundred meters, but we could not see the terminus in the trees. The crown was 1F wind slab failing on facets 35 cm deep. It immediately stepped down to basal facets in spots with total crown depth of 75 cm. "

"We reached the east ridge of beehive basin at 11:30 and it was warming up quickly. We considered skiing east into middle just before the prayer flags, but when approaching the slope to dig a pit we got a significant collapse and decided to ski a more conservative pitch further north. When continuing north on the ridge we saw a recent cornice collapse which triggered an avalanche, size unknown but pictured here. The conservative east slope was in the shade and skied well.

on the way out we got another sizable collapse when skiing west down from prayer flags, on the shallow, sunny western slope, when I edged out of the gully at the first dog leg to regroup with the party."

"I saw a skier triggered slide on Tyler’s hill (lookers right of prayer flags gully), as I skinned in (ss-as-d1.5-r1-u). It looked  like it propagated across about 25 ft and just pulled out on the single roll over, I didn’t get real close, and figured a picture from that distance with trees in the way might not show much."


Number of slides
Number caught
Number buried
Avalanche Type
Hard slab avalanche
Trigger Modifier
r-A remote avalanche released by the indicated trigger
R size
D size
Bed Surface
O - Old snow
Problem Type
Persistent Weak Layer
Slab Thickness
35.0 centimeters
Slab Width
Slab Layer Grain Type
Wind Broken precipitation particles
Slab Thickness units
Single / Multiple / Red Flag
Multiple Avalanches
Advisory Year