Avalanches, collapsing, cracking in Cooke

Republic Creek
Cooke City

Ski toured to west Woody Ridge today, south of Cooke City. 

We set a new skin track and I would estimate that 80%+ of the snow we touched created a large collapse/ whompf.  Many of the collapses were large and loud (over 100' wide).  It seemed like remotely triggering an avalanche would have been easy/ likely had we been connected to steeper slopes.

We noted widespread avalanche activity in a nearby gully (NW aspects) adjacent ski tracks from yesterday.

In our snowpit at 9700', on a westerly aspect, we had an ECTPV.  On 2mm facets, 45cms down.

I've skied that area a lot over the last 15 years, commonly during big snowstorms and elevated avalanche hazard, but today seemed like one of the most hazardous, if not THe most hazardous days for avalanches I experienced there- given the widespread nature of the PWL and thickness and sensitivity of the slab.

The warm temperatures today likely had a significant influence on the instabilities.  (35 deg F in town for much of the afternoon.)  Lots of roof-a-lanches noted today as well.

Number of slides
Number caught
Number buried
Slab Thickness units
Single / Multiple / Red Flag
Single Avalanche
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