Many collapses in IP

Centennials - Idaho
Island Park

From FB:

We were in the centennials on 4FEB24 and felt whumping collapses on flat snow at 7500’ in the upper finger tributaries of Myers creek. 4 of us snowbiking, and some were using Voyager Pros and phone apps carefully watching slope angle and extremely wary of anything that typically we’d ride on in more stable times. I pulled up to wait for the other three in a relatively flat spot, when the next snowbike pulled up next to me I felt a drop of 2-4 inches and could hear it over the other riders engine. After he shut off I let him know. When the next ride pulled up to us it happened again I we all felt it! Th crust layer there was great for traction and seems to be about 6-10” thick over our weak faceted base layer of 2-3’. I haven’t experienced that in the past 9 seasons on the bike.
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