McAtee Basin Avalanche Debris 14 Apr 2010

The rider was parked where the person in the red circle is standing and was carried 200ft downhill and buried near where this picture was taken in a stand of trees.  Other avalanches released sympathetically nearly 500 feet away.  One of them can be seen in the background near a cliff band.

Northern Madison, 2010-04-15

GNFAC Avalanche Advisory for Tue Apr 13, 2010

Snowpack and Avalanche Discussion

Recent spring storms and strong winds have added stress to facets buried 1-3 feet deep.  These facets will be the most sensitive on recently wind loaded slopes.  With many storms coming from the S-SW, slopes with east and north aspects will be the most loaded, subsequently making them the most dangerous.  This is important information, since north and east facing slopes will hold the best skiing or riding conditions.