Date Location/Name No. of caught/buried/killed
Warm Creek, Yellowstone National Park 2 skiers caught, partially buried
Imp Peak Avalanche Fatality 2 caught, 1 fully buried and killed, 1 partially buried
Henderson Mountain Skier Avalanche Fatality 2 caught, 1 partially buried, 1 fully buried and killed
Cedar Basin Avalanche Fatality 1 skier caught, partially buried and killed
Sheep Mountain Avalanche Fatality 3 caught: 1 partially buried, 2 fully buried, 1 killed
Sacajewea Bowl Avalanche Incident - Hunters 2 caught, not buried, 1 injured
Beehive Peak Avalanche Fatality 1 caught, not buried, killed
Henderson Mountain 2 caught, 1 buried 7 feet deep
Henderson Mountain Avalanche Fatality 1 caught, buried, killed
Mount Abundance Avalanche 2 triggered, 1 caught, partially buried, injured