The great one

Saw this today while skiing. This crown is on a northeast aspect at about 8600 feet. Crown height 6-8 feet. It is mid path in the Great One. It seems to have naturally avalanched on Sunday during the storm, without a cornice trigger, after the wind event. All I can get here is that the slope was overloaded from storm snow, on top of a recently overgrown hard slab. Looks like it initiated higher up and pulled out much deeper below. Definitely a large hard slab avalanche. HS-N-R3-D3.5. Debris made it to the trees in the historic path. Otherwise, northeast aspects are loaded above 8500 feet, and I saw about 14 inches of new at 8000 feet. No loading during the day today. Photo: T. Woodward

Advisory Year
Bridger Range, 2020-02-03