Midday Walk in the Bridgers

Midday Walk in the Bridgers


Went for a short walk in the Bridgers this afternoon (3-11-2022) for a few turns, and to get eyes on how the snowpack is shaping up. We headed from the base to the terrain above Alpine. In the apron of Hidden Gulley, two small dry loose sluffs were visible. Another dry loose sluff was present further north on the ridge. They all appeared to be natural. A photo has been attached. Deciding the apron was too thin for turns, myself and my partner opted to traverse to Bradley Meadow. 

On the way, we dug a quick pit at about 7500 feet on a shaded NE aspect (photo attached). Close to the ground, mixed forms were present with pretty clear faceting occurring. A stout sun crust capped the old snow. Atop the crust and beneath the new snow was a clear layer of large graupel particles, potentially setting the stage for a weak layer with high spatial variability down the road. Deepest snow depth recorded in a shaded area was approximately 50cm. 

Our primary hazard today was the rocks and stumps associated with early season conditions.

Bridger Range
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Bradley Meadow
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Tristan McCutcheon