Reactive Facet Layer Confirmed

Reactive Facet Layer Confirmed


Pit Location: E / ESE Aspect  |  8900'  |  150 - 160 cm snow depth  |  Near Treeline  |  29 degree slope

Weather at 15:20: OVC  |  S-1 to S1  |  Winds Strong out of the WSW / SW

Test Results:

14cm down from surface; CT1 (2x) at the new snow interface, fairly soft slab without a lot of cohesion in this particular spot NTL

43cm down from surface; CT11 SP and CT17 SP, broke on a layer of small facets (~0.5-1.0mm) below this week's more recent storm snow

Did not have time to do a full ECT, however the interface was very planar and yielded a sudden collapse at the layer in question

Cooke City
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Republic Creek
Observer Name
M Bortnowski