Whumpf, propagating test result

Whumpf, propagating test result


skied both NE, S and SW aspect lines in Sheep Creek Basin. No signs of wind loading where we traveled, up to 9600’ at the saddle between Sunset and Miller Mountain. There were light winds (M gusts). 8-10” of new low density snow.

Dug a pit on a SW aspect, 8480’:

160cm deep

CT22Q2 Down 40, EctN 25 down 40

ECTP28 down 85

Pole probing confirmed the presence of the top persistent grain layer throughout the landscape, although the associated crust was not widespread. 

We also experienced a Whumpf at 45.03667, -109.96733 On a SW slope, 9000’ in a shallow area (125cm depth). 

Cooke City
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Sheep Creek
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Dan Sandberg
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