Northern Bridger Range

Northern Bridger Range


From IG:
“Snowpack observation from 1/14/23

Northern Bridgers-Frazer Basin

Chute skiers left from the exit chute/sled access boundary on ridge. 
Skied a more wind protected N facing chute and experienced stability skiing. Did 2 ski cuts before entering as well as doing a shovel shear on the top ~2ft of snowpack. No clean shear for the test or other observations of instability. As a result we skied. 
Decided to start skiing up another, more open face to the E and stopped to dig about 1/3 of the way up once it started to get a little steeper. Dug on a Due N slope at 8430 ft. Snow depth was 205 cm from base. Column test failed at CT11 and CT15 at 175 and 135cm from base respectively. Was a clean break. Conducted an ECT which went at ECTP12 and 14 at the same depths. We skinned off the aspect and skied conservative lines the rest of the day.”

Bridger Range
Location (from list)
Frazier Basin
Observer Name
Eliot Smith
Advisory Year