YNP and Cooke instability

YNP and Cooke instability


From an email:

Many collapses. HST 15cm. NSFing on the surface. Light winds out of the E, S.

Several small wind slab pockets in steep, wind loaded areas of terrain. This photo is the largest one that released. Bison, watch out!

On my drive back from the park, I noted a few others. Surprisingly, nothing on those S slopes around Meridian went.

-Old Man Rays, released mid slope, as well as a small pocket below the cliff in sympathy. SS-N-R2-D2-I(?)

-Miller Ridge, SW aspect at about 9500’, large crown. That’s all I could see.

Cooke City
Location (from list)
Yellowstone Park NE
Observer Name
Nina Hance