Avalanche Cycle in Cooke City

Avalanche Cycle in Cooke City


Photos of some recent natural avalanches near Cooke City today attached.  All of the slides observed appeared to just involve new snow from the Feb. 20-21 storm.  (occuring on all aspects, but primarily on NE aspects)

New snow:  generally about 50-80cms of settled new snow from Feb. 20-21.

Quite a bit of collapsing experienced today while breaking trail, particularly in the lower elevations.  

Snowpit attached from a SE aspect at 8500'.  HS: 170.

ECTP15- 55cms down, at new/old interface.


from 23 February email:

Northerly aspect, around 9900' on this avalanche photo from Woody Ridge attached.
The other, larger natural avalanche up Republic Creek that I mentioned observing today was also on a N, NW aspect, around 9900', but about 4 times as wide. 
The Fin also had a relatively large natural avalanche on it too- low on the slope, skier's left.


Cooke City
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Beau Fredlund