Large whumpf in Beehive Basin

Large whumpf in Beehive Basin


Experienced a very large whumpf on the Middle Basin Ridge at Beehive.

We had just finished digging pits in the first large open section of the ridge and one of our skiers was jumping on the snow above the pit when there was a large whumpf. We guessed that the whumpf could have extended out to be about 100 m total(of course this is an estimate), but the point is that it was very large. One other group experienced two separate smaller whumpfs about 200 m away on a different section of the ridge.

The large whumpf occurred at approx. 9020 ft on a west aspect. 2 smaller whumpfs occurred at approx. 9030 ft on south/southwest aspects.

Northern Madison
Location (from list)
Beehive Basin
Observer Name
Stella Johnson