Natural slides on all aspects of Nemesis Mountain

Natural slides on all aspects of Nemesis Mountain


Our party of 6 stayed at the Hellroaring Creek hut over the weekend. The winds and snowfall were intense, with the snow turning more graupelly by mid Saturday.
We dug a pit on a southerly aspect of Mount Nemesis, near the hut around 8000.’ We noted the complex layering, including a weak layer about 20” down that failed on the 23rd shovel hit. 

On Sunday morning the sun broke through for a bit and allowed us to view the widespread avalanche cycle that occurred overnight on all aspects. Across the creek, we saw a large crown (approx 3’ in depth) in the meadows. 

An avalanche that occurred on Nemesis’s south face ran from mid mountain all the way into Hellroaring Creek, running over our old skinner. 

The natural slides on Nemesis’s north face were some of the biggest we have seen in any slide, knocking out a lot of trees towards the bottom.  

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