Recent instability in the new and wind drifted snow

Recent instability in the new and wind drifted snow


Rode up to maintenance shack then across to East Hotel creek and dug on the south slopes. 
From there we rode to upper Hellroaring creek and to below Reas peak and dug another pit. Then we traveled up and around into Jefferson bowl before heading out.

Avalanche activity seen: 5 total

2 appeared to be rider triggered near Reas peak on North aspects that broke within or just below the new storm snow. (D1/D2)

We saw a natural avalanche that broke near Yale creek on a southern aspect, again broke below new snow. (D1)

2 large natural avalanches that broke within the wind drifted snow in Jefferson Bowl.(D2/D2)

Snow depth ranged between 225-275cm in our test pits.

No signs of instability seen on our ride but temperatures were increasing and wet snow activity will likely follow. In our pit above East Hotel we observed the new snow to be bonding well with the old.  (ECTN’s 15/17)

In Hellroaring below Reas we observed facets above and below the upper most crust under the new snow and got propagation.(ECTP15)

Travel Advice: 

Human triggered avalanches are still possible but it is not unreasonable to explore into avalanche terrain.
However, we suggest digging down about 3’ below the new snow and asses how it is bonding before riding into steeper terrain. As always carry rescue equipment and reduce risks by only exposing one person at a time while others keep watch from non-avalanche terrain.

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