GNFAC Avalanche Advisory for Mon Apr 13, 2015

Snowpack and Avalanche Discussion

Bridger Range  Gallatin Range  Madison Range 

Lionhead area near West Yellowstone  Cooke City

Yesterday, Mark and I attempted to reach the site of the avalanche fatality that occurred Saturday on Beehive Peak. We were unable to reach the location due to strong winds and heavy wind loading. Mark and Doug will attempt to reach the site today.

The avalanche was triggered approximately in the location of the black circle. It was one foot deep for about 6 feet and quickly tapered to just a few inches thick on either side. The skier was in the middle of a turn with his skis pointed downhill when it broke. Had he not been in this position, his parnters are fairly confident he would have been able to either ski off it or self arrest. Photo: T. Turiano

Northern Madison, 2015-04-12

GNFAC Avalanche Advisory for Sun Apr 12, 2015

Snowpack and Avalanche Discussion

Bridger Range  Northern Gallatin Range

 Northern Madison Range  Cooke City

Wind slabs will be today’s primary avalanche concern in the mountains around Bozeman, Big Sky and Cooke City. The new snow that fell overnight will easily be transported by moderate to strong winds out of the west-southwest. Fresh wind slabs will most likely be encountered on upper elevation slopes facing north through east.